DRA combines experience and expertise with the attitude that each project requires unique solutions and thoughtful responses to challenges posed by the design process. 

It is important to note that whilst we approach each project with a fresh set of eyes to deliver a design that is unique, we do not lose sight of the practicalities of design such as clear sight lines for supervision and sensible choice of materials, internal and external that provide low maintenance for the life of the building.  DRA believes everyone is a lifelong learner.

Another strength is our ability to balance the complex, and often conflicting needs of a diverse stakeholder profile.   Navigating and balancing the needs of all the Stakeholders is delicate, and at times, tricky process. DRA has successfully been doing this since 2001.

We understand our client’s needs through our briefing process to ensure the design meets the client’s objectives and achieves maximum innovation.  This process is about understanding objectives, understanding personalities, and developing detail progressively, and collaboratively, with the client and stakeholders.  Critically, we listen.  We listen to each stakeholder group’s individual needs by conducting separate conversations with each of the stakeholder groups. And we listen. And we take notes. And we sketch.